Oscar Mayer sent us all the fixings to host a hotdog-tasting party. It was a great excuse to make a bunch of silly hot dog shaped cakes for dessert!

I started by baking a pound cake in an 8.5 x 4.5 in. loaf pan. I borrowed the pans from my neighbor, since my usual 9 x 5 in. loaf pans looked too wide to make a good bun. I thought the color of the pound cake was just right, so I didn’t frost it.

The hot dog is made of two Twinkies, with one end trimmed on each so they fit flush together. I centered a Twinkie on top of a pound cake and made small slits to mark the width of the “hot dog.” Next, I cut the pound cake with a bread knife. I saved the middle of the cake to make “french fries” with a crinkle cutter.

Using a bread knife, I trimmed the sides of the pound cake at a slight angle to mimic a New England style hot dog bun. When I whipped up a batch of vanilla frosting, I reserved a little for the “mustard.” I used brown and red food coloring for the hot dog frosting color (more brown than red), keeping a pack of real live Oscar Mayer hot dogs out for color reference! I sort of felt like I was using Spam for frosting… I kept reminding myself that this was just regular vanilla frosting!

Wilton #5 round decorating tip was just right for piping the “mustard.” Diced up green gummy bears made a nice relish. I fashioned a couple of coffee filters into a hot dog tray. And don’t forget the little casing marks at the ends of the hot dog! A toothpick was perfect for that!

Voila! Here you have a bunch of giant Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Cakes!

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